What is a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil?

Therapeutic grade means that the plants need to be grown on virgin soil,

No Pesticides, or Fertilizers can be used

The constituents that are supposed to be in a specific oil, are present

There is a living frequency that has been preserved.

It is the living frequency that makes the oil so healing.

To keep the frequency alive, you need to know what temperature to distill and how much pressure the plant will withstand.

Each plant is different, so you really need to know what you are doing. Not many people do.

Many oil companies just buy the oils in bulk, bottle them themselves and put on their own labels. They do not have farms or know very much. They are just buyers of oils, when they run low, they buy more.

Young Living has their own farms, or partner farms, and owns their own distilleries, where they can see that they are distilled properly and then they test the constituents and frequencies. There is so much work that goes into essential oils to do it properly and preserve the frequencies. This is what sets Young Living a part from the many other oils companies

Many companies will say anything. Because they can. There are no regulations in the US. No watch dogs. So where there is $$$ to be made, you know things get compromised.

Young Living sets the standards, and is the only large company in the United States that has therapeutic grade. Some say Organic, where that is a start, it does not make them therapeutic grade.

Living frequency is what makes the essential oils healing.
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