The Sugar Industry Paid Researchers to Mislead Us

     In the 60’s, research began to link sugar consumption to heart disease and other health problems.  The sugar lobby hired two Harvard researchers to fabricate a study that linked fat to heart disease  to take the heat off sugar.  It worked!  Their fake study appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, a publication of authority.  This fake study became gospel.  Fat was the health threat, not sugar.

     Today this could not happen because researchers have to disclose who is funding the research.  Often you have to dig deep to see who is the real source of the funds, not just the company, but who is behind the company, and then even who is behind that company, until you reach the real source.

     In the 1970’s, it was very rare that anyone under 40 years old had Type 2 diabetes.  It was called adult onset diabetes. Then young people started getting diabetes due to all the sugar, cereals and grains they were consuming all day long, beginning with breakfast.  The standard American diet is SAD. Since the sugar lobby convinced everyone that fat is the bad guy, we assumed sugar was okay.  The low fat, high carb diet propaganda had begun.  Today we know how detrimental that combination is to our health.  It has been proven to be wrong, and yet, most doctors, the food pyramid and the American Heart Association are still pushing high carbohydrate low fat diets.  Why?

     Not all fats are good of course.  Some are very unhealthy, like hydrogenated vegetable oils aka transfats. Researchers  knew in the 1070’s how bad margarine was for you, yet it was being marketed (can you believe its not butter?) as healthy.  Health professionals urged you to stay away from butter and use margarine, aka transfats.  You have to know your fats.  There are good fats, not so good fats, and bad fats.   I will write more about fats later, but for now- Olive Oil, Butter and Coconut Oil, organic and raw are the best.

     We now know what foods are  healthful and what foods are definitely not, even though they are touted as “healthy.”  Food now is often “engineered” to taste and smell great, designed to make us overeat.  Did you realize that sugar is an appetite stimulant?  It is.  And sugar is in almost everything we eat that is pre-packaged.  That food is full of “empty calories” (calories that have no nutritional value).  We end up eating until we are full, then 2 hours later we are hungry again because what we ate had and too little nutrition.  We are malnourished. We overeat, are often overweight, and are undernourished nutritionally so our body tells us to eat more. It is a vicious cycle, one that the food industry perpetuates.  Did you know that the food industry has laboratories where they chemically enhance the food to make it taste extraordinary and addictive (bet you can’t eat just one).

     The purpose of this website is to help you to figure out a new way of eating that is simple, nutritious and delicious.

     There are so many dysfunctional , disease causing  food choices.  Many people do not realize the toxicity in the food choices they make.

     I want to offset that with knowledge and simple recipes.  Stay tuned .