I have been  learning about healing for 25 years.  I wanted to share a story, which explains some of healing.  This happened to me.  I had really bad asthma 17 years ago.  I was using therapeutic grade essential oils now, and had attended an in person seminar about  healing with Essential Oils.  I learned that Lavender was gently detoxing and that asthma was in large part caused by allergies.  Allergies, I learned, were caused by toxic over- load.  My system was perceiving things like Oak trees, cats, dogs, dust, as threats to my body, and reacting as allergic to these things.  If I detoxed,  then my  system would not be overloaded and would be able to perceive these things, ( I was allergic to so much), as harmless.

     I was inspired!   My first thought was, get rid of the allergies and get a cat.   I so wanted to have a cat.  Lavender essential oil was how I was going to get there.  I knew it.   I did not make a big deal of it.  I put one drop of lavender on my chest 3 times a day.  I became a human diffuser.  I diffused Lavender in my bedroom at night while I slept.  That was it.  

    Six weeks later,  I had a feeling I could have a cat.  I told a friend of mine I would take care of her cat for a week while she was on vacation.  My family thought I was nuts.   I was so allergic to cats, (had been). 

     I did not have a reaction to that cat, whatsoever.  I was thrilled. 

     I went online to a cat rescue and put in my order for my dream cat: a male Maine Coon kitten.  A couple weeks later,  I got a call, the perfect kitten was available.   I adopted his brother too.  I had no allergy.   This was 17 years ago.

Why I Believe it worked:  
     1.  I really wanted a cat.  On a scale of one to 10, my desire was a 10!
     2.  I had found a way to make that happen - by gently detoxing, and in
          so doing, getting rid of the allergy to cats.  
     3.  My Belief that I could get rid of the allergies using Lavender was 
          solid.  I believed I could do this because I was told by an authority,  
          an expert in the oils, that it would happen.  Power of Belief.
     4.  I was disciplined in consistent use of the Lavender oil.   I knew for it
          to work, I had to use it everyday, like I did.  No one told me how, I
          intuited its use.  Pretty simple, 1 drop 3 times a day, diffuse at night.
          Now I have books on How to Use Essential Oils for many ailments.

I want to mention that there is an opposite effect to a Positive Belief.   And that is a Negative Belief.   What if a doctor, an authority on disease, tells you there is no cure for what you have and that you will have to live with this and take drugs to manage your symptoms for the rest of your life.  If you believe that, that is exactly what will happen.  We are so powerful in making our beliefs come true. 

I love this quote by Wayne Dyer:  “You will see it when you Believe It.”

One of the top 10 favorite books of mine is “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist.  A life changing read for me.

Look at your beliefs about everything.  And know that you can change your beliefs.   They may not even be yours, could be your family’s, your church’s, the TV’s, may be outdated, or simply do not fit your plan for living a healthy happy life.   You get to choose your Beliefs.  Beliefs rooted in trauma or unconscious, more difficult to root out, but very doable.  


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